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How to add a Google Checkout button to any page in Magento

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This post answers a very simple question I had, one I could not find an answer for.  I needed to add additional Google Checkout buttons to Magento‘s onepage checkout and maybe the sidebar cart.  I found other people asking the same thing, and answers ranged from cryptic to unhelpful.  But I did find a solution.

Step 1

Add this snippet to the template file where you want the Google Checkout button to appear:

getLayout()->createBlock('googlecheckout/link')->setTemplate('googlecheckout/link.phtml')->toHtml(); ?>

This uses the standard Google Checkout button that’s used everywhere else, so if you customize the way the GCO button looks using the googlecheckout/link.phtml file your changes will show up everywhere you use it.  This is great because it reduces the duplication of code.  But what if you want to use a slightly modified GCO button somewhere? Read on…