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Johnny Cash — Everybody Loves a Nut

Fantastic album. It’s hard to find an actual pre-90s Johnny Cash album, most are compilations. There’s not much more to say for the music, it speaks for itself. I mean, it’s classic Johnny Cash.

Found this while out shopping for Record Store Day Black Friday releases (pretty much the only Black Friday shopping I don’t feel guilty for doing). I couldn’t pass it up. It looks to be an original release, judging by the wear on the sleeve. The record itself has some pops and scratches but the vinyl looks very clean and unmarked. The cover was painted by Jack Davis (you know his work even if you don’t realize it).

The title song, among others, was written by Cowboy Jack Clement (RIP), who produced some of the Sun studios tracks on U2’s Rattle and Hum (among many, many other notable things). I bought this album alongside the most recent U2 single. One of the U2 tracks he recorded was Woody Guthrie’s Jesus Christ; I also got Mermaid Ave, a series of albums where Billy Bragg and Wilco record a bunch of Woody Guthrie songs (lyrics without music to be precise). Funny how things sometimes tie together.