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Mermaid Ave, Vol 3

The latest in the Mermaid Ave series is fantastic.  Sounds like it was made to be listened to on vinyl, although that’s a bit biased since I haven’t heard this one on CD. But listening to them all in succession on vinyl, they get progressively better.  The songs are much better than Vol 2 — I like the Vol 1 songs best, and this is equal in songwriting quality.  It’s still more of the same, so if you didn’t like either of the others, there’s nothing here to change your mind. This will likely be the first Mermaid Ave album I grab when I want to put some on, unless it’s to hear some specific songs on Vol 1.

Mermaid Ave, Vol 2

Sounds great on vinyl. The songs sound more alive. I found it much more memorable than the CD, and find myself liking the songs, as opposed to appreciating them.  The songs themselves are kind of “more of the same” from Vol 1, and that’s a good thing, that’s exactly what I wanted.

Mermaid Ave, Vol 1

Sounds like it was mixed and mastered with digital in mind. Not sure how I can explain that, other than: there’s nothing special about this album on vinyl.  Guy at the record store said “it’s got that 90s production feel”, and I’m sure that’s part of what he meant.  The songs are as awesome as ever. If I had bought it on its own I would have been a bit disappointed, but the other volumes are great on vinyl, so it’s nice to have the whole set.