Jah Wobble: Merry Go Round

I’d almost forgotten about Jah Wobble, until I saw this at the store. If there’s one bassist I’ve tried to emulate, it’s this guy.

I played the whole thing through marveling at it. Then I realized partway through Public Image Limited it was a 45rpm record and I was playing it at 33. I replayed it at the correct rpm, and couldn’t help but be a little disappointed.

1 thought on “Jah Wobble: Merry Go Round

  1. The exact same thing happened to me!! I was in awe of what a great weird track this was, wondering why they seemed to be yawning and Jah’s voice was nowhere to be found.

    That’s when I realised also that I had been hearing the record at 33 rpm. When I turned up the speed I was a bit disappointed too and that’s how I ended in your blog, after googling “Merry go round 33 or 45 rpm”.

    I think I’ll stick to the yawning version.

    You make some good music yourself, m8!!



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