WordPress Must-Use Plugins

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WordPress has quite a few hidden features.  My favourite so far: MU Plugins, or “must-use plugins”.  Introduced with WP 3.0, the code says:

 * Check the mu-plugins directory and retrieve all mu-plugin files with any plugin data.
 * WordPress only includes mu-plugin files in the base mu-plugins directory (wp-content/mu-plugins).
 * @since 3.0.0
 * @return array Key is the mu-plugin file path and the value is an array of the mu-plugin data.

Basically, this means: anything you put in wp-content/mu-plugins/ will get automatically included in WordPress. But it has to be a .php file directly within the mu-plugins directory, like: wp-content/mu-plugins/myplugin.php. Folders don’t work, unless you include a .php folder that loads in files from a subdirectory.

This is pretty huge.  For example, I use it to load up a small library of sub-plugins and global settings for all our WordPress sites.

Example: we have a plugin with an ad widget that we use across our network of blogs.  I can just drop my ad widget plugin into mu-plugins/ and never have to worry about someone accidentally de-activating it.

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