How to use HTML5 right now

Kind of old news, but I found this article to be pretty insightful.  Thought I’d pass on the tidbits that made me perk up and listen.

Which bits of HTML5 can I use right now?

Rich: Lots of them! Here’s a short list of cross-browser (including IE) compatible techniques that you can use today:

For a clearer idea of what is or isn’t cross-browser compatible, check out these sites from Molly Holzschlag and Alex Deveria.

Here’s more

What are the benefits of using HTML5 now?

  • Cleaner markup
  • Additional semantics of new elements like

    , and

  • New form input types and attributes that will (and in Opera’s case, do) take the hassle out of scripting forms
  • Staying ahead of the curve before HTML5 becomes the mainstream markup language. Use this as a selling point when talking with your clients

Here’s more:

What are the downsides to using HTML5 now?

  • The spec isn’t finished and is likely to change
  • Not everything works in every browser (but you could say the same about CSS, right?)

And lastly…

  • Use the HTML5 doctype and character set.
  • Use the simplified and elements.
  • Use semantic class names that are representative of the new HTML5 elements. See @boblet’s cheat sheet for more on this.
  • Use block level links.
  • Use the new form attributes and input types.
  • Use the new and media elements (but make sure they degrade gracefully).
  • Plug the gaps with something like Modernizr.

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